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LEcture 4

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SOCB47 Social Inequality Lecture 4 2 October 2012 Movie: The Continuous Journey - Boat load of hindus on their way to Vancouver - Hindu invasion now imminent - Komagata Maru, was a boat filled with Punjabi immigrants - Canadian immigration never gave them permission to land and they went back to india - People died daring a dream of a new life - What was Vancouver like in 1914? “White Canada forever” was the most popular ballot of that summer - May 23 1914 the Canadian immigration prevented the boat from landing - Who were on the boats, British subjects, they were farmers, - Why did they call them hindus and not Indians. Hindustani is the name of India - There were already Indians in Canada - Gurdat Singh and others were trapped in the no mans land - Malcomn Reid was a immigration officer, Canada’s west coast gate keeper who had a lot of power. - Reid didn’t want to allow the Hindus on the land - Gurdat said if they didn’t let him go ashore then they will be responsible for the damages he would have to suffer. - He fires off demands to Reid - Federal member of parliament H.H. Stevens was a strong component of Asian immigration, he said that Indians made no contribution to humanity - A majority of the people were Sikhs, they never cut their hair and wear turbans - Most of the early immigrants worked as immigrants - Jacks father Dillip Singh tried to help the passengers on Komagata Maru - People questions why the producer wanted to tell the story because he was a muslim - Hussain Rahim was a founder of the united immigrant league - Bhag Singh burned his army certificated and his medal because they lost their rights to vote in Canada - Jack Uppals father, Bhag Singh, and Hussain Rahim were part of a committee that wanted to take on the Canadian state - J. Edward was the only lawyer that wanted to take on their case - Ottawa gave men arms to guard the ship - The Komagata Maru used to be a German ship, that carried Europeans in the 1898. Not any of the Europeans were turned away - But the Hindus weren’t allowed in - Gurdat knows that Canada was trying to shut the door on all Asian immigrants - The authorities did everything they could to stop permanent settlements of immigrants - Immigration called Canada the white man country - China had to pay head tax to enter Canada - In Japan there was a secret deal that allowed Japanese to enter Canada. The Japanese got to choose the amount of people that went there - Then why is it that Indians and Chinese weren’t given this opportunity - India was a British subject - This meant that they were allowed to move anywhere in the British Empire - At that time only the Canadian Pacific allowed immigrants to enter Canada - However immigration passed a law which state that if they weren’t making a direct route to Canada they weren’t allowed to enter - Gurdat Singh was a power man, he wanted to bring four ships to Canada, for the commercial and economics - But his plans failed - He then wrote another letter to Reid - Burn however won the case. Hussain Rahim had won the case, and some Indians were released and allowed to stay in Canada - However the question arise, that should Canada be allowed to stop the British Empire’s subjects from coming to Canada - Reid found a loop hole where he found that Gurdat owed Hong Kong money which meant that he had to go back and pay them, this made it seem that Hong Kong was responsible for their return and not Canada - The committee thought of an idea, and went off to make the $15 ooo - Balwant Singh was a key revolutional leader and a member of the shore committee - William Hopkins worked for the British Empire - Sikhs played a major point in helping the British Empire. They were kind of like favourite sons of the British during the first World War. - Indians weren’t allowed to work medial jobs, the Canadians told them that they weren’t capable of doing upscale jobs , they were oppressed at home and no peace abroad, they felt like they had no home - Most Indians only earned a dollar a day and were short 10 000dollars - Gurdat Singh they felt that the government in Indian was in danger of the British Empire - Most passengers felt that they were betrayed by the leader because they got no help from the King back home - The Canadian’s wanted them to leave, because they felt that they had too much of them anyways, they wanted to get rid of them altogether - Bhagwant Singh the oldest surving of the committee, says that they just wanted to adopt democratic lessons to bring it back to their country - Japanese men were helping them transfer food to the ships - Hussain Rahim took 11 000 dollars to the Japanese and they asked for an extension and was given 10 more days. - The
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