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Lecture 3

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Francisco Villegas

SOCB47 Social Inequality Lecture 3 th 25 September 2012 Assignment- Due 9 October 2012 Integrative Anti- Racism Framework - Racism isn’t always singular, you can experience sexism and racism. - There’s are structural differences that affects opportunities - Personal experience can be used to determine inequality - Nothing is always static things change, it is relational and it shifts (Just like the article on exclusion causing the inclusion of Asians into Canada) - It analyzes how we articulate social differences - Drawing from out experience knowledge - Understanding how differential power and privilege society work - Using race as an entry point - Extending the discussion to use political power in the system Power - Power relation shifts, it is relational and context specifi - It is embedded in social relations, not natural or inherent in individuals Historical Forms Inequality Nationalism - Mackey piece argues that nationalist project that privilege white Anglo settlers was foundational(help set up, structures and holds together) to the production of Canada as a nation - Says Canada as we know it would not exist without the white settler project - It was based on a nationalist project - Even though Canada is now a multicultural society, it was once based on nationalism - What is Nationalism? What does it mean to be Canadian? To have a Canadian Identity? - Pride in ones country, privileging of one’s nation - Beliefs and values are shared between the nation - There are usually some sort of national symbols that people use to identify that they are from that nation (beaver, flags, landmarks are all examples of landmarks, hockey, Tim Hortons) - National: A nation is a collection of people that have come to believe that they have been shaped by a common past and are destines to share a common future. There is this continuum from this glorious past, to the present to an even better future. That belief is usually nurtured by a common language and a sense of otherness from groups around them - In Canada we can think about Canada as a nation, however Quebec is also a nation because they have different beliefs, different language. - You create a sense of togetherness of being a part of a group, you cant be Canadian and be American - Nationalism: commitment to fostering these beliefs. Promoting policies to do so (therefore nationalism takes constant work, repletion. - How do we demonstrate national practices? - Through the national anthem, play hockey, national holidays like remembrance day, wearing red and white, watching and supporting things like the Olympics. - Lets Draw on Mackey Piece: says that texts and artwork and social movement help to create a narrative of a unified nation. She also states that the nation building project in Canada is depended upon flexible and constant transforming race and cultural politics with twofold aim, managing the diverse population of the country and also doing the symbolic work of imagining and creating national identity. Some examples that she uses to state that Canadian identity is constructed and not natural of essential? She talks about the Canada first movement, creating a northern face that represented the British monarchy system. In the mid to late 1800’s they were having difficulty creating a coherent identity. The faced threats of being forcibly incorporated to the US. There was a need to create an identity . They wanted to differentiate themselves from racialized communities. All this led to Canada First Movement. The members of this movement thought that Canada was the Britain of the North. Thought that Canada’s location was unique, had White Canadians. Thought that there was only a few races that could stand the cold climate. Because this climate was cold, they describe the environment to strong and masculine versus places in the couth which were describes as female and therefore weaker. - Contradictions to the Canada First Movement - There were First nations and French people in Canada. Mackey said that you needed to control the people that entered the country. There was a need for Canada to industrialize. There was a contradiction of keeping people out but they needed migrant workers to come in to Canada to build things like railways and such. There were recruitments of immigrant and contradiction to that because it prevented Canada from being an all white nation. - Northern Wildern
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