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Francisco Villegas

Lecture 4 Slide 2  Continuation of a project… o Invisibilization of the oppressions experienced by racialized communities and the claims made to be better the situation. o Division of people living/working in Canada along the lines of citizenship. Slide 3  Multiculturalism o How have ideas about Multiculturalism been framed? o What assumptions are inherent (visibilized) that allow MC to operate? o How does our understanding of MC structure the types of questions/critiques that can be asked? Slide 4  Protagonist: person with large importance.  British and French. Tension for territory. Slide  English and French speaking communities. o 2 solitudes. o Set in contradiction to each other through an ideological battle for power. Slide 5  Restrict immigration.  Restrict rights o Vote o Less pay o Media representation was negative  Criminalizing o  Divide and conquer: treat different groups differently and they get mad at each other instead of blame you. Slide 6  Domestic policies… o Vote o Work in certain occupations o Property o Intermarriage Slide 7  In the mid 1900s… o Response to lessons learned after WWII and the ways in which exclusion/discrimination can lead to extremist projects o Also response to civil rights movements Slide 8  Bannerji tells us… o Recognition of a need for increased immigration in order to increase capitalist industrial growth. Slide 9  Visible minorities. One of the 4 groups that need protection for work discrimination. Protecting: visible minorities, aboriginal, women and disabled. Slide 10  Binary: o Women: hot, visible minority. o Men: cold, majority.  Even though color isn’t used in the term, it means you can see difference, and that you are racializing. If people are normalized then they are invisible in the fact that we don’t have to identify them. Slide  Visible = non-white.  Minority = a way to describe unequal decision-making power for non- whites. Slide  Also if racalized communities are “visible minorities” how foes that aw refer to the white settler population o Invisible? o Canadian Canadians? Slide 11  Ignores that First Nations have been here for thousands and thousands of years and to depict them as immigrants with new coming immigrants could be problematic.  The idea that we all are equal and choose to come here  equality, choice. We all came under the same conditions so we can’t complain about structural differences.  Colonization is reconstructed as migration. Slide  1. If we are all constituted as immigrants, discrimination directed toward immigration is invisibilized.  2. Invisibilization of First Nations communities and colonialism of white settlers.  3. Erases any distinction between colonizers and immigrants (invisibilizes the race-based nation-building project that led to Canada we know it today). Slide  Under such simplistic statements o E.g.: “we are all immigrants,” how would we account for transatlantic slavery?  JFK’s assertion that they were “immigrants from Africa”?  E.g.: “we are all colonizers,” or “all immigrants are colonizers” how would we account for the displacement of people aboard and their search for better conditions (for instance the colonization of South Asians under the British Empire?) Slide 15  We all have the same rights and access if we work hard for it.  If we all work hard, we will get to the same place because we are on a level plane.  We are not on a level plane because certain people got extra stuff and they started higher up than with everyone else who was lower. Slide 16  Why did putting multiculturalism into the Canadian law occur? Slide 17  The way in which multiculturalism has played, everyone is important and their culture is great. Slide 18  Therefore
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