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Lecture 6

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Francisco Villegas

Lecture 6 Slide 3Standard worko Full day working 9am5pm o Minimum wageo Benefitscoverage o Safe working conditions o Opportunity to move up raises promotionNonstandard work o Over time no pay o Working different shifts that are not accustomed to as the norm o Benefits might not be associated o More laborious work than you should be doing o Might face harassmento Working on weekends o Contract work Slide 4Doctor selfemployed Slide Based on this definition how many of you have precarious working conditionsSlidePrecarious work also exacerbated by o GlobalizationThis involves the rapid growth of new marketsInternational competition in the context of profit maximizationCheaper production costsFor many this means a widening of poverty and inequalityNeoliberalization Slide 7Process of reducing the size of government and its budget to compete with the United StatesAntiworker legislation policiesPrivatizationProviding corporations with benefits such as tax cutsDevolution of welfare states Slide 8Feminization of poverty o Women disproportionately affected by poverty o Affects different roles women havetriple burden of women mothers workers and community advocatesWomen in Canada are more likely to engage in precarious work than men Slide 10
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