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Lecture 10

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Lecture 10  Exam: 6 short answer questions (speak to particular concept or idea) & large essay (ex: compare different concepts or different reading or talk about Komogaratu. Will be given choice (choose 1 out of 2), ex: define heterognity (?) and explain it. Lecture 9 Slide 36  Colonial attitudes o Attitudes about the “other” influenced by ideas of the “West” as more dominant o A very narrow definition of Islam circulates in the West which does not reflect the diversity of practices, societies, histories, geographies, and culture. Slide 37  In the name of women, civilizing missions and colonialists took over large part of the world in the past (also in relation to war in Afghanistan)  This creates a hierarchy… o Western women imagined as “already liberated” (they don‟t experience sexism). Slide 38  E.g. if a Muslim girl has a problem with her parents, it was identified as a cultural problem where the parents were unable to break with their “traditions”  A similar prescription did not occur for non Muslim girls with the same experiences Slide 43  Hybrid identity: you may experience different identities when your in different social locations. You engage in different practices at home from school. May speak their language at home, but at school there is a pressure to fit into general North American society and therefore lessen their accent and on the ways they engage with families and society. Lecture 10 Slide 3  Space: o Geographic distance we take up o Social space in how we engage in our day-to-day life. Personal space where you only let certain people (family, friends) and not others (strangers, acquaintances) o Property o Time-space compression (globalization) Slide  Therefore space o Is not neutral o Is political o Is produced by processes in the past and present Slide 5  Space Place Empathy container Social meaning attached to a certain place Slide 6  Examples: work, place, school, coffee shop, etc. Slide 7  Gentrification: renovating old homes, which lead prices of the area to increase. Might have community clinic, grocery, shopping nearby and you become displaced. Slide  Gentrification o The restoration of run-down urban areas by the middle class resulting in the displacement of low-income residents.  Classes phenomenon (that often has race and gender connotations)  Examples: Distillery District, Regent Park, a lot of construction during Olympics and people become displaced (if people‟s homes don‟t fit the look you portray to the world) Slide 10  Therefore, inequality across space is not only about controlling space, but controlling space to control the bodies that inhabit it. Slide 11  Uneven access to resources. Slide 12  Association of black community members with garbage  Hierarchy of humanness, civilization and progress  Marcuse-creation… o Residue: something that is left behind but also something unwanted that needs to be divided from the rest of society  Segregation in place of race. Slide Marginalization in Africville continued  Difficult to get a permit to improve homes  Community associated with criminality  Africville was therefore not seen as part of Halifax, instead “residual city” Slide 13  Self-fulfilling prophecy: ways in which the community was depicted by Halifax. It wasn‟t internalized by resident but the city created the image and the actions with the image lead to the community looking in that way. Slide 14  Description of a population…marginalized community  This marginalized community is then associated with degeneracy and filth which further justifies the denial of essential services Slide 16  Instead it was posed… o The “problem” was to obvious, it only needed to be fixed. o And any attempt to suggest that relocation was influenced by race was seen as biased and goi
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