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Lecture 5: Becoming Parents

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Ping- Chun Hsiung

SOCB49 – Lecture 5 (Feb. 4) Becoming Parents Unpacking Parenting  Parenting as one of the essential components of reproduced labour o Reproducing new generations of labourers o Converting and mobilizing existing resources, and social relations for childrearing.  Physical and emotional labour o Sustaining and expanding existing labour and social relations.  Invisible nature of the staging family life  “It takes a whole community to raise a child” A Case Study of Parenting  Data Collection: 1992-1994 and 1995-1998  Location and sites: Toronto; parenting workshops  Informants: 40 heterosexual couples; middle-class and working-class; primarily white couples  Forms of Data: Qualitative Interviews during pregnancy, the end of first 2 months after the baby’s born, and when the baby turns one. Research questions  Why and the extent to which gender differences and divisions are created when heterosexual couples become parents, and what the implications of those differences and divisions for couples’ relationship?  How did the women and men negotiate with each other the redirection of care that occurred when the women did Positioning Parenthood in the Context of Productive Labour Positioning Parenthood in the Context of Reproductive Labour  Men’s increasing involvement in reproductive labour  Contradictions i
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