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Lecture 7

Lecture 7: Housework

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ping- Chun Hsiung

SOCB49 – Lecture 7 (Feb. 25 2013) Housework Movie:  Women are more likely to do things that need to be done daily with timelines, men do more things that they can take their time.  Women are like a switchboard, doing many things at once. o Example: Talking on the phone while folding laundry.  Working women work 10-12 times longer (a month extra, per year) than their working husband.  Couples that shared the housework were the happiest, and had the most sex.  Notion of “unsaid conversation” : couples have expectations, but they don’t talk about it with their partner. Why is housework an important issue?  It’s an issue that is rarely talked about but so heavily affects the relationships within a family. People tend to ignore its existence.  It is reproductive labour. o Enables a new generation of labour force to be raised for the future. o Important because it makes sure that current labourers are taken care of and able to go back to work the next day.  Changing norms, roles, and practices o Women now work full time jobs. Stay-at-home moms are rare. This requires the couple to have to negotiate who does what housework. o Couples have high expectations at the beginning of the relationship/marriage; these also have to be negotiated at the practical and emotional level. Couples don’t talk about this stuff when they start dating. Can lead to conflicts and tensions.  Contentious Potential  Fertile ground for satisfaction and marriage happiness o 17% of divorce is caused by problems and conflicts in housework. Confirmed by a Dutch study. o Housework is an important factor in the stability of a marriage.  Changes in Statistics Canada. o Some woman (maybe a group of them) forced StatsCan to change its definition o
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