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Lecture 6

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Ping- Chun Hsiung

Lecture 6 Fatherhood  Producing a new/sustaining the generation is key for parenthood Key Concepts for today's lecture  Reproductive labour: it invisible and focuses on how to do domestic work - we take it for granted. (being a father  Domestic Violence: Movie: fathers struggle to fulfil their role 1. Juggle family and work 2. Fathers try to Balance Making a living and being a dad - > stressed ! Dad 1 3. Suffered a heart attack (one of the reasons why they stay home or take their role as a father more seriously) it was a wakeup call 4. Company got downsized and he got fired, trying to work from home (kids annoying as fuck), few dads taking care of their kids, going to birthday parties, (felt like he needed to justify) questions his self esteem as a man (Mr.MOM) 5. Men began to love there kids even more, cause they spend so much time with them - sexuality, intellect, creative potential is challenged 6. Men who work (Breadwinners)- miss their child's accomplishment - such as graduation 7. Leads to more conflict with your wife when you get more involved with your children, 8. Children changing careers: some people give it up, changing their schedule to spend more time with their kids (example going to work a little later, to drop them off to school every morning) 9. Different - kids will remember what happened over that period of
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