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Lecture 3

Sociology of Family- Lecture 3- 28th January 2013.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Benjamin Cheung

Sociology of Family SOCB49 Lecture 3 28 January 2013 Reproductive Labour Video- - The late 1930s, had her first job at a party packager store, she was still in highschool. Her job was very boring, very repetitive - One lady lived in the slums, couldn’t afford electricity, had to use Kerosene lamps, she worked hard as kitchen mechanic for a dollar a day - Another lady, was dating a man and who worked at an automobile store, and was told if she married her she would get a car. Her mother worked as a chamber maid, cleaning rooms. - Another white woman worked on the farm and plowed fields. Men were surprised that she was able to plow such a big field - The March of Time- the battle fields of America were a production line. - Woman were offered working during war. - When factory work opened up, they thought it was a great way of making money. - More and more men were going to war, and women had to fill the jobs in the factory for the men. Propaganda was used to convince women to join the labour force. - Instead of cutting dresses, women cut metals to be used as airplane parts. - Women had a more subtle touch than men and made it easier. - The men treated the women badly because when a woman walked in that meant a man was going to war. - The need for women was desperate, many wwomen came for different reasons. Whether it be because they had a bad job before, whether it be because they had no choice etc. - 3 out of 4 woman were black women working in the back, they had some white women to make It seem like there were some in there. - They had a happy attitude towards their work, they were doing something in almost every part of the plant, they worked as engineers, welders, private railway tracks,. They were doing a mans job, gaining a mans pay and doing it safely. - She says that if she was older she wouldn’t have taken the job, she ended up quitting one of the jobs because one of the co workers had worn a hairpin that had a spark and caught on fire. - They started a union, and wore union buttons, and the boss got mad, because he felt that he was good to his employees. After the women got their union papers, the boss closed the door and the women weren’t allowed to go back to work. - In addition they found out that the black women in the group were being five cents less than the white workers. - Then they complained to the work labour and worked a different location at receive an 80 percent raise. They were extremely happy about this because with this they were able to save and they could buy a house, car anything they wanted - At this location they were able to get paid for over time, the job was very repetitive and boring sometimes but they were always amongst other women which made it better for them. - A lot of women didn’t mind their jobs because they felt like they were helping the win the war. - Another issue is that there were showers at the workplace, but the black women were allowed to shower with the white women so they shut the showers down. When the white individuals went to complain to the union, the individual was also black who told the whites that they had to work with the black women, or they would have to go find other jobs. - One of the women, when she had to work on the shipyard she had to leave her daughter with her mother, and didn’t get to go back and get her until five years later. - There was daycares that these women could leave their kids but a lot of them were private and they didn’t know about these places. - The union expected the women to work 10 hours a day, some were too tired to work in the morning, felt that it interrupted with their shopping, women weren’t spending enough time at home and taking care of their children. - If you talked about the union too much it was over bearing, they made it seem like the soldiers were fighting for the country and the women had no choice but to workbecause they men couldn’t. - The coloured folks were treated very bad because the men from booth camp to treat coloured people as if they were beneath them. One of the black lady tried to stick up for them and was almost fired because of it. - When the ships boarded, she felt good, because she was a part of building that ship. - A lot of the women said they were going to work after the men got back because they would have much to do in the household. They would have to get back to being housewives. - When the war was over, everyone was excited, and happy, and feltthat the losses were for a good cause. - After the came back, the women were laid off, then the black men and the white folks. - Wom
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