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Lecture 2: Family in Transition

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ping- Chun Hsiung

stSOC B49 Families in TransitionSeptember 21 2010Lecture 2Family in TransitionObjective We are going to talk about the overall trend that show how families in Canada and how they are making different phases and making different lives and experiences Have a general understanding of trends and to be able to read statistics and interpret the statistics in a sociological waysAnd we are going to use examples to show you how to do itWhat is the implication to all the changes to the micro level individual experience and apply the understanding to personal experiences What we have seen over the last decade is that things are changing things have changed and will continue to change in regards to family life and compositionThe census Stats Can in 2006 they identified new features in families and composition Features 1First feature has to do with same sex marriageBefore it was illegal so they did not collect the data 2006 was the first year that we had official data for same sex marriage2They also showed that there has been an increase in common law families The common law is increasing that people are deciding to live together without formally registering their arrangement 3We also see more couples without children many more are childless couplesThey think that children are nuisances and require a lot of workThey decide to have a happy marriage without the responsibilities of childbearing and rearing4We also see a greater number of people remaining
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