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Lecture 7

Lecture 7: How to write an essay

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Ping- Chun Hsiung

thSOCB49 Families in TransitionOctober 26 2010Lecture 7How to write your EssayDue in two weeks The assignment it an application essayTalk about the steps first how to prepair for the writing then get started how to make an argument which is the key pointWhat is this assignmen aboutTOPIC live in requirements of foreign domestic workersFour articles Three identified one additionalSummarize the articlesAdjudicating the findingsThe fourth article needs to be attached to your essayRelated to policy as well as the experience of the domestic workersThe assigned readings it is one of the most expolititive aspects but the third arcticle makes a conclusion The assignment asks you to make an argumentWheather or not the two findings are contradictory how and whyIf they are not contradictory this is another argumrnet show how and whyThere is no right one both are defendableYou need to bring evidence to support your argumentThe writing partThere are two
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