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SOCB50 Notes on Movie "Grass"

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

Thursday, Oct 27 , 2011  Emotions are becoming mainstream, meaning eventually they will become extinct  Our bodies are incredibly powerful sights and targets of regulation  Think about regulation of drugs as regulation/desires of body  A great way to regulate bodies is to regulate outside objects related to the body, such as drugs  When you’re talking about regulation of weed you are talking about regulation of body and desires Movie “Grass”:  Note official truths in the movie (facts that were false but were made to seem true) - If you smoke weed you will kill people (official truth) - Mexicans who came as workers smoked marijuana to get through long days of hard labour - El Paso Ordinance 1914 Law—passed - Harry Anslinger (assistant prohibition commissioner) helped shaped America’s attitude about marijuana  Firstly, he believed if the laws were tough enough he could ban alcohol  He also tried to get white American to view weed as deadly - Marijuana carried by West Indians came to New York and became popular among Jazz musicians - If you smoke weed you will go insane (official truth) - Marijuana Tax Act was signed into law by Roosevelt  weed became illegal  Samuel Colwell was first person convicted - Studies found that smoking weed did not make you violent and all other negative effects were disproven, but Anslinger had all these reports terminated - Anslinger targeted the media because he thought they were a moral influence. (he had rights to movie scripts about marijuana) - If you smoke marijuana you will become a heroin addict (official truth) - National Control Act 1956-Passed - Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 was an international treaty to prohibit production and supply of drugs and drugs with similar effects unless it was being used for medical treatment/researcg - 1948-1963 War On Marijuana.....$1.5 Billion - If you smoke ma
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