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Lecture 2

Week 2 Readings

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Joe Hermer

ndSeptember 22Media Discourse and the Deconstruction of Crime Myths Schisselmedia representations of youth crime illustrate the power of decontextualized accounts and the ability of the media to represent the unusual as usualwhen analyzing crime accounts notice the initial written and visual message that appearPostman argues that theNews of the day is a figment of our technological imagination It is quite precisely a media event We attend to fragments of events from all over the world because we have multiple media whose forms are well suited to fragmented conversationThat the medium dictates the message is worth repeating here because it raises the fundamental crisis confronted by the print medium Television in fact sets the standards for viewerreader likes and dislikesthe message simple youth crime is endemic it is unpredictable but characteristic of a certain kind of youth and it requires dramatic and stern interventionthe first category of stories includes depictions of unusual youth crimes that appeal to peoples sense of despair by concentrating on the potentially and horror of violent behaviour and bystander apathythis type of depiction provides a reverse morality play that appeal to our sense of righteousness and our fear of an amoral worldMost importantly such accounts provide constant and pervasive messages about the connections between morality and social position and though they may attempt to be evenhanded and objective they lapse into social censureif ten year olds who in our estimation are too young to have had the chance to become corrupted are capable of this behaviour then so are we allthis second category of depictions illustrates how media reporting tends to remove crime from its socioeconomic context and to recast it in moralistic and emotional frames of referenceMurder suspect article mostly concentrates on the familys pathology the suggestion of broken homes headed by women and the implication that gangs are the core of the criminal world
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