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SOCB50 W10 November 12 Usage of drug Housekeeping. Assignment due. How logical your analysis is. How much does it make sense? Really show that you ccan connect the ideas and concepts talked about in calss. Don't assume prof. will see the connection. Conn den, myth, icon. ------------ Dec 15. Exam. Go over the readings, review some of the notes. Start going over contents of the notes. Review general themes. ------------- Drug policy Last week: Drug policy in Canada and U.S. Conflict among groups and different classes in different society. this weeks lecture look at drug policies around the world. How can politicians impact the devience, struct norms. Marijuana Decriminalisation Why? What lead to it? Whereas for years and years marijuana was associated with Mexican, drug was linked to mexicans that was fact that it droved to be criminalized in the first place 70's the large more white youth middle class youth were drawn into it. resulted in many arrested people that did not fit the devience. Did not happen on national level, at the state level, there were individual states that decriminalized marijuana. 70's was very liberal, pregressive era. 1980s Drug scare In the U.S. less people were using drugs and tolerence is going down, Saw a sudden shift to attitudes, only 11 states decriminalized marijuana, it largely changed because of large drug that came to scene: Crack Cocaine. Ads on TV that airred in 1980s that were all anti-drugs ads. Most of the ads were focusing on Crack, Cocaine Crack cocaine death, etc statistics were already exsisted. Rises only became apparent after media, after declare war on drugs came out Crack cocaine is not used by same people, not being used by hippies, handed out in party. It was used by different group of people, the African Americans in society, particuarlly the lower class of African Americans. Urban ghettos, hispanic and regional minorities. these were the changes being noticed in 1980s and led to sudden movements of governments. The huge explosion of increase of drug laws, which some included marijuana drug laws. Is this moral panic? Idea of scare unwarrented. Yes, crack cocaine is very harmful and ads are true. And cocaine is highly addictive, and first time you take it, you will be hooked. Q; Based on the reading, is Rob addicted to Crack Cocaine? There are evidences that people can still carry out their lives with being addicted to crack cocaine. A; Depends on how you define addiction, and how it is constructed. There is uqite a bit of evidence that will suggest or question if crack cociane is psyologically addictive? One of the things that need to occour that if stopped, there need to be withdrawl. Additional element, suddenly on news we find out "Crack babies" Babies born addicted to crack. However, if the research is mixed and best suggest adult not addiction to crack cocaine, what does this say for the babies? Recent research has came out, followed the crack babies, what they found. Compared normal babies and crack babies are not different. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------- Drug Policy II General theme, the idea of how politics can play a role in structuring in society devience and norm. Politics as in what poloticians do, and why they do what they do. Policy Window Theory. John Kingdon 1984 A policy window is a oppourtunity to push a policy through a window or raise a tension to an issue. Big key points is that policy windows that never stay open, oppourtunity that are fleeting. problems that can open a policy window: An issue, that can suddenly raise a big something in the media. If problem is apparent or not well know, the solution is hard to push the solution. This relates to constructing devience
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