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Lecture Notes Part 2 of the Semester - Oct20-Nov24

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

Fall 2011Soc DevianceNormalityOctober 20 2011Mythunderlying morals and values and norms that are cultural or social that seem to be bypassed on a everyday basisUrban mythsdeath by dress soaked in formaldehydedinner paid for by Regi JacksonUrban Legends drawing moral boundariesdiscussing difficult issuestalk about normative behaviorAn urban legend is a story that is substantially false but is told and often circulated as beingtrueoften dangeroussomewhat like a rumortold until it is proven as being true or falseborder between rumor and gossipcan understand urban legends as a particular literary genrehas a specificform and content and utilizes specific narrative devices typical urban legends have almost all of these qualitiesyou can identify urban legends by the qualities of these stories6 Characteristics of Urban Legends a s a Literary Genresubstantially false 1 A dramatic storyMcDonalds ball pitnot safe for children 2 A moral or a message3 Dramatized contemporary fears and anxieties 4 A grain of conventional truth5Supportive local detail 6 A credible source 1 A dramatic story a good tale simple and concisely written clever use of coincidence somewhat unbelievable elements make it more believable plausible but not fantastic unlike fairy tales Cartoon like characters in stories are recognizable figureslittle red riding hood classic example archetypal story danger of the forest loss of innocencetouch on fundamental universal human themes specifically around fear loss of innocence and gender 2 A moral or message parablelike parabolic with a sense of urgency Fall 2011Soc DevianceNormalityoften represents a belief in a just world he should have done better she got what she deserved often presents the world as a dangerous place3 Dramatized Contemporary Fears and Anxieties tend to be vehicles where widespread fears and anxieties are dramatizedoften in the case of topics that are otherwise difficult to talk about are often raced and gendered and often deal with ideas of risk including which are often sexist racist or masochinistBestHoriuchi 1985The razor blade in the apple Social roots of this legendthreats to childrenfear of crimemistrust of otherspages 492494 These points were really clear points during the 70sNever developed into full blown moral panic bc it usually stayed local andonly happens at Halloween4 A grain of conventional truth have key commonsensical details or elements often reflects representations in media5 supportive local detail give concrete local details that are true places names often areinterchangeable to different locations6 A credible source usually cites a local source occasionally real sources transmit urban legends thinking they are trueWhy did they circulate so widely fear in societyentertainingsocial controlgets to the moral of the storyDate Rape Drug Urban LegendsRisk is particularly gendered in terms of young often white young women How can we read the date rape urban legend in this context common theme is risk to womenChange of gender relations Women do things that are more acceptable today than was acceptable 30years agoThere is a level playing field now between men and women and this relatesto social anxiety
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