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Lecture Notes Part 1 of the Semester - Sep15-Oct6

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Joe Hermer

Fall 2011SOCDevianceNormality September 15 2011 What is Deviance Not the norm Going against social norms behaviors ideasattributes physical that illicit a negative reaction one ofdisapprovalnegative reaction can be strong or subtle directly opposed to behavior that is approved of it violates social norms What is a Norm behavior attribute or idea that is widely viewed as being acceptable andoften desirable at a particular place and timepunctualitygroomingcivilityclothinggender norms Norms are relationshipproduct of social relations interaction bt peoplecontextual specific to a time and space in culturehistorically Highly relative and often unstable operate within a different interrelated scales micromacro are internalized in mundane ways are often inscribed in space including the space of the body2 General deviance perspectives with regards to norms they fall within a range OS1 Objectivist positivisttake social norms as given and natural assume widespread consensus murder incest etcthey are concreteinterested in why people break normsand how people can be made to conform to be correct or normal again 2 Subjectivist humanistdo not take social norms as natural given norms are a product ofsocial relationstypes of clothing goth prep athletic dont assume that they are natural given do not assume widespread consensusacknowledge conflict anddissent this is why SubjectivistObjectivist tend to be the norm why social norms change so quickly in the current ageInterested in how norms are constructed and what the1 Fall 2011SOCDevianceNormality consequences areHOWWHAT key differences between the two of them st Liazos article falls into this category reading 1 week Character of NormsFrom the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed you areusing normsmost are internalizedSome are externally policed against us Common there is a combination of the two of them we are run by theinternalized ones and then the external ones can either approve ordisapprove of our internalized normswe want to follow norms and belongGets tricky bc norms change unstableEx Drinkingdriving gay marriage abortion drugssmoking masturbation being green corporal punishment child rearing queuing lots of norms that have been reinforced by majority votes civic inattentionbeing in a group of people with close physical contactwith out having to have a relationship with them newspapers they make everyday life bearable for uscell phone usewhole new set of norms changes peoples socialrelationships and views of privacy serious questionssexting legal issues child pornography sexuality issueschanges in norms that are already in placed and are enforced by rulechangesSARSwashing hands Environmentalrecycling pay for plastic bagsvery interesting areapolitically environmentally norms Norms are powerful when they are internalized around assumptions gayand lesbians are mentally ill crosscultural marriage even if a norm is a lowlevel they can be backed up by powerful law Spatial pointnorms are inscribed in the social space that we exist in classrooms are designed on a panoptic model they are not panopticon but they are based on that modelguard tower in the middle with a circle of cells around it the cells were walled so they could only see the guard towerconstantly watched only 3 ever built 2England 1ScotlandNational parks and provincial parks are some of the more tightly regulatedplacespeople try to make things look natural and risky but to be safe crossing streams and walking trails the idea of inscripting space tries to appear natural so we will adaptto them in everyday life 2
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