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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

SOCB50Lecture 51062011James Ford Sealea KKK member sentenced for murdering two black students 1930s in Oakville Ontario there was 4000 people 300 black citizensthOn the night of Feb 28 1930 a small army of 75 men in 15 cars drove in downtown Oakville KKK members planted a massive cross in the middle of town and set it on fireThey went to check in with the local police station the chief David Kerrwasnt there so they continued theyre way to home of Ira Johnson A man who was considered black who was living with a white woman Went there Johnson was not there but at his aunts So they went to their aunts told him to return his white girlfriend into their careCAPTAIN Brune took her in his car after the KKK took her to mothers Took Ira and his aunt and uncle from the house and brought back to Johnsons home Nailed a large cross on his door and began burning the cross Was told he was not allowed to be with his girlfriend and if he was to be seen he would be attended to The chief seen the cars and wished the Klansmen good luck as they left the town The next morning the newspapers seemed to almost approve the attack KKK originated in Pulaski Tennessee in 1865 something of a fraternity KKK purpose was to punish negros and negro loving whites1867started to physically breaking up black prayer meeting w1871 a bold reign of terror by the KKK began getting dramatic Sexualized idealogy It got so bad that the federal government had to step in with legislation Birth of a nation was seen by 25 million people and the KKK used this movie as a recruiting methodDW Griffith is one of the most film makers in US historyThe Birth of the Nation white girl was portrayed as a sweet and innocent litt
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