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CRIME AND DEVIANCE • Canadian national surveys reveal crime has bean among top 3 issues since the 1970’s • Victimless Crime- ex. Drugs, prostitution, gambling Someone wants to buy ex. Drugs, and someone wants to buy drugs * Law & order people say that there are no such things as victimless crimes • White Collar Crime- committed disproportionately by people from middle and upper classes • Edwin Sutherland- Looked at white collar crime -Illegal acts committed by a person of respectability and high/middle class/status in the course of his or her occupation -Includes: embezzlement, false advertising, tax evasion, inside stock trading, fraud, unfair labour practices, copyright infringement, unsafe working conditions, selling unsafe products, conspiracy to fix prices. • Street Crime(Uneducated Crimes)- Committed disproportionately by people from lower classes. -Includes arson, B&E, robbery and assault EXAMPLES OF WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: • Copyright Infringement- stealing intellectual property Ex. CD’s, DVD’s (Pirating) • Price Fixing- ex. Ford “selling” cars at a certain price, but the market has to decide the price of things. • Insider Trading-Make use of insider knowledge to profit stock market • Berney Madoff- Stole around $50 billion from mutual funds • Ponzi Scheme (Pyramid Scheme)- ex. You invest in someone’s fund and then he pays you the 10% interest a year with the new money he gets from the system. So you give him the money, and he uses it to pay other people’s interest. *He takes your money and pays off other people’s interest. • Organized Crime- Typically has association with specific ethnic groups. • Chain of Command- When you issue commands at the top, they go down the chain to the bottom. -All bureaucracies have these. • Specialties in Organizes Crimes: -Debt collection (you can use a bat) - Hit men (people who specialize in killing) -Money Launderers -Prostitution Omerta (silence)- you don’t say anything under any circumstances. If you don’t, you’re dead • Mule- Someone who will carry cocaine personally (sometimes in a suitcase with a false bottom) Who are the clients of organized crime? -Respectable citizens (you & I) -We keep organized crime in business. It supplies us with illegal goods and services which are in high demand -Organized crimes connect to the legitimate world through Wrath and Corruption. • Pavlov Eskavov- Corruption by wrath and corruption. • Loan Sharking- The people who loan you money are like sharks. The interest on the loan is like 10% per day. 0.2% of organized crime’s income is from loan sharking - Prostitution (the world’s oldest profession) - 2.4% of organized crime’s income is from prostitution - Porn- 4.4% of organized crime’s income is from porn - Gambling- 5.2% of organized crime’s income is from gambling - Drugs- 87.7% of organized crime’s income is from drugs Crimes Against Property & People • Most serious crimes decreased or remained stable • Property Crimes are called Common Crimes -theft (ex. Shoplifting) • Shoplifting is a “female” crime Theories of Crime & Deviance 1. Biological Thesties -Comes 1 in history
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