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Lecture 2

SOCB51 Lecture 2 - What is Art

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

SOCB51 Lecture 2  What is art?  One definition  The expression or application of creative skill and imagination, typically n a visual form such as painting, drawing or sculpture  What are norms?  A norm is a behaviour, attribute idea or feeling that is widely viewed as being acceptable (and often desirable) at a particular time and place  Feeling norms' have taken on particular importance in our present - how to feel a certain way! Not just about behaviour  Norms scale - not just enforced  Mundane micro norms without even thinking  Subway + ads  Plastic bags - bring your own bags shopping (hippie tree hugger)  To be a responsible, good citizen this is now what you do - micro norms shifted Smithsonian Controversy - put on a controversial art exhibit   Violated some people's ideas  Republicans went nuts, trying to de-fund it  Public art and what it represents, how subversive it is  Visual art is a materialistic expression of norms, is in itself controversial  Reminds us how norms are often contested Art images and examples  Blue and Green music by Georgia O'Keeffe 1921 - Feminist artist (?)  Painted a lot of flowers that got Republicans mad  That looks like a vagina  Quaint Sag Harbor - Pretty long set of "Legs"  Banksy: popular because he reserves norms and expectations  Grandmothers knitting shirts "Punks not dead" Grandmother figure doing graffiti to keep Britain Today   Two gay bodies kissing  Vietnam War - used against people and bombed an entire village - Napalm Attack  Violence of commercialization, capitalism, commoditisation and culture of children  Referent and social meaning through the painting  Detroit drawing: rioting from Detroit  Art is something we interpret  Graffiti exists paradoxically both as a aesthetic practice and a criminal activity  Anti-social behaviour indicators (perceived level of this)  Vandalism was a very big problem in their area  Graffiti Management Plan  Double Negative on poster - branding their anti-graffiti program by using stylized graffiti to communicate the message  Representation of graffiti to eradicate it  Graffiti - one or more letters, symbols, figures, etchings, scratches, inscriptions ... Other markings that disfigure or deface a structure or thing, howsoever made or otherwise affixed on the structure or thing, but for greater certainty does not include an art mural  Art Mural - a mural for a designated surface and location that has been deliberately implemented for the purpose of beautifying the specific location SOCB51  No person shall place or cause or permit graffiti to be placed on property or on a wall  An affective practice that 'does things to the writers' bodies (and the bodies of the onlookers) as to the surfaces of the urban world'  Graffiti as image connects bodies  This is counter to the stereotype of graffiti being destructive  Surfaces that make up the built environment present more in the order of a flow than a structure  Blank surfaces become a space 'replete with possibilities  Pride, pleasure and the enjoyment derived from sharing of an activity with friends, as well as the recognition from the writing community  Norms are spatialized - performed in space, exist in space (like our bodies)  What is considered to be normal is through spatial regulation  Examples in casino, mall, student reading newspaper  Resistance to norms  Augusto Pinochet - thousands of people were killed, disappeared in prisons  Pinochet was arrested in London, 2000's, 300 criminal charges  Murderous dictatorship  Arpillera Workshop - quilts to protest Pinochet government  Poor illiterat
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