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Joe Hermer

Lecture 1 SOCB51 Movie  Trained artists o Have security and they are smart about identity being kept secret  Mr. Brainwash o sold a million dollars worth of work and this is a true story and really did a cover for Madonna’s CD album Art norms  ideas of art relative context specific time/place o street art fame success o particularly about show biz culture and a combination of things  Banksy broadside of communication was about 550000 dollars of art work  How the message is delivered is based on the communication of art What is art?  It is relatively fickle, learned and what they absorb o for e.g. what he did in retro business  Adapted model to sell art and market it (used to be 50 dollars for old clothes in the 60s)  Bad artists imitate great artists deal  Experience or application of creative skill and imagination o visual painting drawing  Reference of constitute genre Norms  Norms is a behavior attribute idea or feeling widely accepted and desirable at a particular time or place  Not always the case o hard to forge consensus on many norms  Feeling norms structure regulate self guide o more prominent 20 years (emotional norms) not experiencing behavior o how we feel about things (implicit)  Operate on different scales - norms by school family groups not big norms  Some are micronorms and tells us a lot about social interactions and social regulation  Don’t always experience how we feel but we still have social interactions which is a norm  even if bad day we still act the same otherwise others will think something else o depends on how others think of us  Uncomfortable social interaction in closed spaces such as an elevator o Breaking norms when talking with strangers in closed space  powerful norms- structure life  How norms change are micronorms  Bring bags now but before no one did bring bags and had to always buy them but now people bring their own bags o norms change  Micronorms shift from time to time which is controversial to macronorms  Republican party goes nuts o Shows how visual art is materialistic and the expression of norms and how norms are contested  Georgia O’Keethe o 19 century women and other artists o feminist art appealed to her and she died at 98 and was not a feminist and what got them upset was flowers (conservatism)  Being reformed does not look appropriate to them  Political reaction  Sag harbor o women legs huge debate instantly and this debate was based on art expression of what is normal  Revised norms and expectations  Huge movement keeps Britain tidy and grandma doing graffiti and they are making fun  Twisting body o carry away norms  Handcuffing prisoner into a train o art relates outside themselves  Vietnam o Nepalm exfoliate/rid of trees and people and has accidently nepalmed the village o there was an attack and a 9 year old’s clothes completely burned off o Powerful iconic image in 20 century – kim o Lives 30-45 minutes from here  Iconic image o outside of itself if we didn’t draw any meaning and no conclusions o co-modification of the culture in children  Banksy – o image fictional museum – one quality of art that has direct to norms o refers to something else and reference social meaning where people see art o Detroit- 1/3 of the city did not recover in the 1960s o Done art in Toronto in the international food festival there was 7 but 2 still existed some were covered up and removed (graffiti artists)  Bayview downtown great anxiety around that time o Tore down buildings and left the piece standing  Art being something we make sense of o refer or apply to norm behavior how we behave or how others behavior because character is visible  Graffiti o It is an asthetic practice or criminal activity o there are different types of graffiti artists  How do you regulate graffiti if it is always there and is thought by some valuable artistic expression to public  Table: vandalism to property o graffiti with robbery on physical vandalism 22% concerned with antisocial and it is dangerous – teens hang in streets – so antisocial widely viewed by millions that the graffiti category is antisocial  Toronto o graffiti management plan to eliminate graffiti o Cost a lot of money and a lot of confusion because some regulate this in the store o see this in downtown a lot so confused o They consider this art  By Queens see this o favourable spot for brides and grooms  technology illegal stop graffiti vandalism and this slogan represents a double negative because on a stop sign states to stop vandalism  Norm change quickly live in acculturation culture and where there is a bunch of shifts but law is like an elephant and sometimes repetition of norms and time lag  How do you regulate Graffiti with police defence o one or more symbols etc. disfigure etc. says things and structure so objectify (generalize) o does not include art mural  designated surface and location to beautify a location  Allows city for exceptions for graffiti they say for specific locations o do mural for city o reflect norm that characterizes graffiti o it does not include the definition of property- private property and distractions  Not a static thing but connective activity o an affective practice does things to the body o Physical activity body activity connects bodies on the streets – who thinks about it feel it hate it like it (affect) – grabs people attention and how we feel and characterize it o Making people stop o taking surface of city and offer alternative and think of urban space place of connect
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