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Joe Hermer

Lecture 2 SOCB51 Despicable Crime of Nudity  Based on Social structure  Also based on differing from mainstream norms o Protested and were imprisoned for about 3 years o Occasional there were gay people and the mentally ill  they were put in asylums o look in the past history of Doukhobors during 1920s-1940s Norms  classified as good or bad  what it means to be human socially constructed o there is no such thing as social space without norms  What you do that relates to other people  Live in a world with norms o We want law structured behavior even in the society without structure o democracy is governed by high level of norms not good or bad in our social beings o identify what values/principles are norms and anchored in norms o defines policies powers/ principles of norms what makes us human and social principles values why contested  Norms of reciprocity needs norms for quality  Can you live without norms  Cueing is a major norm/ lining up – following norm of politeness  Space time to increase the flow o if you try to bud in line in front of people they will yell at you there is no significance to not bud however and a social norm to line up o This does not lead to the level of police enrolment  Social norm engraved institutionally  Could be micronorm or macronorm either self assumed or laws externally  Talk about street lady powerful area of norms and extremely complicated  One example would be to stop transmission of bacteria and germs is to wash hands o you have to wash your hands o not against but also laws/regulations (e.g. hospitals) for it  Regulation of street baby- central to democracy How do we govern the poor  Vagrancy law o range of areas o criminal law almost 800 years old 1 vagrancy law 1352 covered extraordinary range of activity find roots of majority of criminal law and there are several sessions (any sort of game of chance) o Any sort of street performance o Puppeteer is a vagrancy crime  morals of people excite and distract people o Sell ext and pamphlet there was a minorial system o People stay within the area (not slaves but close) o 1000s of different types of vagrancy laws o 1954 last visit to vagrancy law but 1924 last vagrancy act o 1892 – codified law major actions targeted people bathing particularly lose late and disorder o 1972- appealed and coded under liberal government and vagrancy offense is a period o Vagrancy offense status offense crime of character/ who you are crimes of character or social status night workers – expelled the last status and replaced with conduct cant criminalize status and legislate between conduct o Targeted for night workers – 1972 of women who lost status being a prostitute and replaced with other sector conduct solicitation purpose – targeting solicitation of prostitutes o How laws against status – always has to be designed changed in 1972 – solicitation purpose of prostitutes – for status change – fundamental character of modern law and find status conduct behind so status conduct no such thing as status offenses (see if target status)  Begging o Status offense and not many cases of begging or some legislations in 20 years why is begging so controversial  Targeted by 100s of provincial laws  Maybe something wrong and visibility differs o Begging occurs small fraction some beg and doesn’t necessarily mean real intentions is it real and also dangerous ( public opinion is prevalent) o shows a 50% split in terms of religious beliefs because this is a cause of anxiety and police investigation and arguments of terrorism o Touching stigmatization – deeply discrediting – something they do that is poor o Sometimes +ve and others are –ve (donations vs. invasion of privacy) o Obligation  no such thing as a free gift that’s why inappropriate (gift giving)- activity
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