SOCB51H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Status Offense, Begging, Doukhobor

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12 Feb 2013

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Lecture 2 SOCB51
Despicable Crime of Nudity
Based on Social structure
Also based on differing from mainstream norms
o Protested and were imprisoned for about 3 years
o Occasional there were gay people and the mentally ill
they were put in asylums
o look in the past history of Doukhobors during 1920s-1940s
classified as good or bad
what it means to be human socially constructed
o there is no such thing as social space without norms
What you do that relates to other people
Live in a world with norms
o We want law structured behavior even in the society without structure
o democracy is governed by high level of norms not good or bad in our social beings
o identify what values/principles are norms and anchored in norms
o defines policies powers/ principles of norms what makes us human and social
principles values why contested
Norms of reciprocity needs norms for quality
Can you live without norms
Cueing is a major norm/ lining up following norm of politeness
Space time to increase the flow
o if you try to bud in line in front of people they will yell at you there is no significance
to not bud however and a social norm to line up
o This does not lead to the level of police enrolment
Social norm engraved institutionally
Could be micronorm or macronorm either self assumed or laws externally
Talk about street lady powerful area of norms and extremely complicated
One example would be to stop transmission of bacteria and germs is to wash hands
o you have to wash your hands
o not against but also laws/regulations (e.g. hospitals) for it
Regulation of street baby- central to democracy
How do we govern the poor
Vagrancy law
o range of areas
o criminal law almost 800 years old 1st vagrancy law 1352 covered extraordinary range of
activity find roots of majority of criminal law and there are several sessions (any sort of
game of chance)
o Any sort of street performance
o Puppeteer is a vagrancy crime
morals of people excite and distract people
o Sell ext and pamphlet there was a minorial system
o People stay within the area (not slaves but close)
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