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Joe Hermer

Men Behaving Badly  In the late 90s at Burt Chevrolet in Denver where two swaggering sales managers named Terry Franks and Jay Gaylord held saw for time and in unreconstructed style. o It was apparently their habit for example to address salesman as little girls or whores. They would upbraid a guy by asking if he used tampons or tease him by saying that he had to squat when he urinated  The manager publicly derided struggling salesman as queers or steers because steers try bulls get the job done. o To motivate the troops during sales meetings they showed raunchy video clips including one depicting a bull stepping on the genitals of a rodeo cowboy  The idea that by being raunchy men might be discriminating against other men is not an intuitive one  Most people ask to envision a sexual harassment complaint from a man would probably think disclosure like scenarios  Men’s claims of harassment often centre on what is considered horseplay or what Bruce McMoran an employment lawyer in Tin ton falls N.J.. describes as bullying hazing adolescent kinds of behavior. o Sexual harassment lawsuits are not obvious or straightforward or even particularly sensible solutions to the problem of men treating one another badly at work (or expecting other men to like the crude jokes)  You goosed some men he said because they were goosey prone to startled reactions and it was funny to see them jump. o Davis said that he probably would have goosed the three women who worked in the office if he had been around them more often and if they was goosey  Given the distribution of the work force today it is not surprising that some male-on-male sexual harassment takes place not in lue collar strongholds but in the retail world and in particular in the fluorescently lit vastness of suburban superstores. o Sometimes in these cases you find men who are offended by an almost perkily demeaning atmosphere one in which the insults are sexual in tone mostly because there just aren’t that many insults to choose from in English language. A lot of these harassers deride men by comparing them to women  Much of the rhetorical and gestural language of male on male sexual harassment is borrowed directly from adolescent rituals that have been around for decades: wedgies, pants-yanking, rabbit punches to various parts of the body  Since women were presumed to be more offended by coarse behavior than men were a workplace in which such joking was the norm was discriminatory by definition – and a violation of sensibility or privacy or taste.  Rather than assuming that workplace harassment is wrong because women are human beings and all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity it assum
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