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Lecture 7

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Joe Hermer

SOCB51 Lecture 7  Anal sex – didn’t put anal sex with other types of sex and it was like a criminal offense and was no law for it o It was like this in the 1970s – 159 o Anal sex two people are involved 3 party involved would be unlawful this was the first artifact of discrimination o Second artifact would be age of 16 some exceptions – general age 16 o At 18 – no of these exceptions do apply – some respond to 16 others respond at 18 and still there is discrimination and there is an artifact for anal sex o Didn’t remove this  Found this unconventional for 15 years and found it unconstitutional  Court surrendered it and it was useless  This is one particular case o This concept is related to norms and regulations and laws are elastic and not a statue but forced by actors  Law is not written in stone and changes  These are you two different contradictions which may be testable material  Bidirectional character of medicalization and formation of what is normal and it changes  Shift of deviant to moral to type of conduct that is normal where you have normal activity that is deviant  Women had pink collared jobs which were low in status and prone to sexual harassment such as pressured for dates, blackmail, changed dramatically today and now it is referred to as sexual harassment  Criminal law not a criminal offense governed by human rights agreements codes of conduct with legal force o No such thing as a formal conference  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Article  Anita Hill testified against Clarence Thomas o She was a strong ambitious female who was law professor at the university of olkahoma and worked as a clerk for Clarence Thomas and talked about waitressing experience o And she was sexually harassed when working for him o Pressured for dates, boasted about his penis size, talked about different porn movies and what he would do to her  She took a lie detector and found that what she said was true  Clarence Thomas – denied this and his supporters did too o Worked for Clarence Thomas instead of against him  Anita Hill was called a fantasizing liar and while tolerating this abuse still was strong about the case even when attacked in a hostile way  Clarence Thomas Acted like a horrible victim – Clarence Thomas – had tears in his eyes and said he didn’t do it o therefore we can see that the gender roles have revered and Clarence Thomas played the role of the victim and was more feminine while Anita Hill was strong and was a strong accuser even when through this abuse and showed a more masculine persona  Denial of racism – what anita hill was referred to as was a high tech glitchening of a nigger nd  2 thing that Clarence had was women’s action because a lot of women supported him and the women did not think that Clarence Thomas was an abuser  Lower status lower opinion of Clarence Thomas o however those who were in a higher status occupation didn’t believe this and this could be because these individuals do not want to identify even when in a similar case o Shift in public consciousness and culture wasn’t sanctioned as deviant or
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