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SOCB51 Lecture 4 This Lecture talking about ADHD  Talked about area that is medicalized or demedicalized (marijuana for example) and how marketing is considered a medical problem and weight accumulation goes to the doctor and if you want medication you go to the doctor  PTSD and homosexuality were added and eliminated from the DSM o PTSD is considered social problems after a specific tragic event and homosexuality was considered a disorder at one point and then eliminated from the DSM o Changes how we view gays and lesbians that were considered mentally ill o Obesity nothing new about that and people sedate and cost the health care self responsibility of ten start with self responsibility not focused on spending money so degree of self responsibility is strong  Whole range of things when considering mental health challenges  Regulates how people feel with a mental illness themselves  Self responsibility but again very interesting prevalence of feeling norms  Public and how they feel so politics o It is a process in terms of degrees/ see that in ADHD article and lay people and technology for adults and this explains ADHD in two ways – demedicalized or medicalized and it is not a one way relationship  Homosexuality was demedicalized and homophobia as well  What is a social problem – PTSD – cowardice after Vietnam war and serious psychiatric category  Ask nation of medicalization – and e.g. of such an issue is to demedicalize or medicalize a disease or a condition o Medical companies involve many actors and how norms are operationalized in society  How do you draw these boundaries and cause suffering o Conduct feelings for pharmaceutical interns  Bible of psychiatric disorder – DSM – some classification o Not treatable and not diagnosed – checks a box which is his professional responsibility  How it has changed and contested and healthcare professional therapist not in agreement and after great depression gay/lesbian are removed  How they change is not static and psychiatric illness product of range of forces and social cultural trends o Nice metaphor to think about the instability  First DSM – 1952 and the new one is coming out March/April in 2013  Holding consultation meetings taking input  DSMIV released shortly o Making small changes  For the legal system defenses under different classification systems so PTSD can apply to a # of people to undergo horrible traumatic life events  Makes point about stigma – what is important and why concerned  Puts a label on a person to make certain assumptions – mental challenges and it recreates the past history (Rosenhand moral care of a person)  Self fulfilling prophecy not external but internal acceptance of stigma are aligned with self stigma and this is another problem for treatment  Sense of shame and fear and there is a lack of understanding – get the proper treatment and there is an inferior stereotypical abuse and becomes parent of self that is why attention is produced  Changing categories is not important and the real problem is internal stigma to stop to get help and the DSM is closed  DSM has expanded and it depends on who suffers from depression and some are part of life and if someone close dies o this is a myth and life is complicated – minds are complicated if someone dies close to you and that is normal (to be depressed) so it depends on categories of suffering and the changes are made about what it means to be human  It is an important debate which is magnified and discussed  Went to a doctor to prescribe for ADHD and the parents begged the doctor because it is harmf
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