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SOCB51Lecture 3th24 Jan 2012Reviews on Last class documentaryDoes are equal money Is it valuable enough to buy The movie turned into a critique about how art becomes moneyMany of Banksys Art work sells for 100s of thousands of dollarsMrBrainwash had no experience in Art and became an artist and sold many of his work for a large substantial amount of moneyWhat is Art The expression or application of creative skill and imagination typically in a visual for such as paintingdrawing or sculpture producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beautyNormsA norm is a behaviors attribute idea or feeling that is widely viewed as being acceptableand often desirable at a particular time and placefeeling norms have taken on a particular importance in our presentA norm has 3 aspects oan internal oan external ospecialized Georgia OKeeffe 1921 has produces some of the most stunning art workshe has a lot of vagina artwork pictures She was really an extraordinary artists she was a forerunner in many waysshe produced feminist art Public art is constantly contested It is contested into the way in people are normalized to see things
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