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SOCB51 Lec 5 th7 Feb 2012Soliciting is ait is not an offenceSafe Streets ActThis definition of solicit is used in several offence sectionssolicitation of captive audienceSolicitation in an aggressive manner Solicitation of a captive audience2a solicit a person who is using waiting to use or departing from an ATMA taxi stand transit stop pay telephone getting in or leaving a car Solicitation in an aggressive mannerProceeding behind alongside or ahead of the person solicited during the solicitation or after the person solicited responds or fails to respond to the solicitation 34 2005 SSA RevisionsPermitted fundraising by charities does not apply to fundraising activities that meet the following conditions1 They are conducted by a charitable organization registered under the income tax act canasda on a roadway where the minimum Diverted giving programs Instead of giving the homeless money you give money toward food and homeless shelter or local charities city of Peterborough created care meters Informal gift crimesMedicalization involves the extension of medical jurisdiction or the expansion of medical boundaries In particular the study of medicalization involved how social problem and issues get defined as medical problems There was a successful medicalization of male performance Viagra
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