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Joe Hermer

The University of Toronto Sexual Harassment policies Focus on the different details of each guidance and how they differ Guide for students Sexual harassment jeopardizes the rights of staff students and faculty and will not be tolerated by the university of Toronto University policy is based on the Ontario human rights code It provides definition of unacceptable conduct procedure for making formal complaints and a range of remedial and disciplinary measures up to and including dissimisal and expulsion Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual attention or an undue focus on a persons sex or sexual orientation Under the Human Rights Code it is a form of unlawful discrimination University Policy defines sexual harassment as any unwanted emphasis on the sex or sexual orientation of another person or any unwelcome pressure for sex It is conduct which creates an intimidating hostile or offensive working or learning environment and which a reasonable person would realise was unacceptable It may include suggestive comments or gestures sexual innuendo or banter leering remarks about looks dress or lifestyle pressure for dates homophobic insult verbal abuse intrusive physical behaviour or contactwhere any of these conducts is unwelcome The Policy requires people to treat one another courteously fairly and with respect for individual values and preferences Sexual harassment is notconsensual sexual interaction physical affection between friends mutual flirtation joking or teasing general statements of opinion or beliefTeacherStudent relationships and conflicts of interest
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