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Joe Hermer

Our desires are ungovernable writing Graffiti in Urban space Mark Halsey and Alison Young This topic mainly focuses on the nature of norms normative behavior how to talk about deviance and how to think about norms through art and workGraffiti exists as a paradoxical phenomenonas both aesthetic practices and criminal activityOn a wall in Melbournes suburb of Fitzroy someone has written in a rounded cursive script Our desires are ungovernable see Figure 1 We have taken that notion seriously interviews with writers demonstrated to us that graffiti is overwhelmingly about pleasure and desire in the act of writing Image signs affect and writing the corporealMost writersunderstand graffiti writing to be an affective process that does things to writers bodies and the bodies of onlookers as much as to the bodies of metal concrete and plastic which typically compose the surfaces of urban worlds Therefore where graffiti is often thought of as destructive we would submit that it is affective as well AffectMassumi writes that affect is akin to the ways in which the body can connect with itself and with the worldIn affect we are never alone Thats because affects are basically ways of connecting to others and to other situationsWith intensified affect comes a stronger sense of embeddedness in a larger field of life a heightened sense of belonging with other people and
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