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Joe Hermer

Jan312012 Homelessness and communityThe matrix programme was an attempt to recover the public spaces of the city for the communityAs long as homeless people remained en camped in the citys streets parks and public squares those places will be cluttered with tents dirty sleeping bagscardboard shelters and stolen shopping carts contaminated with urine and feacesand drugsThe AAARR argued that such conditions make it very difficult for ordinary citizens either individually or in families to use those places in the way that they were intended to be usedPanhandling and drinking and various forms of disturbed behavior make the urban public areas not only unpleasant but hostile and potentially dangerousTherefore the public spaces that used to be available to the whole community are becoming the preserve for this marginsThey also argued that a community has a right to control behavior in its public spaces and outlaw activities such as drinking panhandling sleeping on benches washing in fountains urinating and defecating in publicSuch restrictions they said is not to oppress the homeless or to diminish their libert
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