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22 Apr 2012
Week Five February 7th, 2012
Stigma and Social Identity
Erving Goffman
Shifts have occurred in the kinds of disgrace that arouse concern
Preliminary Conception
The routines of social intercourse established settings allow is to deal with anticipated
others without special attention or though
The term stigma will be used to refer to an attribute that is deeply discrediting but it
should be seen that a language of relationships not attributes is really needed
A stigma is really a special kind of relationship between attributes and stereotypes,
although i don’t propose to continue to say so, in part because there are important
attributes that almost everywhere in our society are discredited
Three grossly different types of stigma
1. There are abominations of the body the various physical deformities
2. There are blemishes of individual character perceived as weak wil, domineering or
unnatural passions, treacherous and rigid beliefs , and dishonesty, these being
enferred from a known record of, for example mental disorder, imprisonment,
addiction, alcoholism..
3. There are the tribal stigma of race, nation, and religion, these being stigma that can be
transmitted through lineages and equally contaminated all members of a family
He possess a stigma, an undesired differentness, from what we had anticipated
The Own and the Wise
Moral Career
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