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University of Toronto Scarborough

thFebruary 28 2012 Disorderly People Joe Hermer and Janet Mosher NotesThe Ontario safe streets act homelessness and community articleLaws were used to punish and imprison the poorPoverty and civil rights activists have criticized these bylaws as being unconstitutional discrimination against poor peopleThe bylaw is an unjustified infringement of freedom particularly that of poor peopleThe safe streets act came into effect on January 31th 2000 with the reelection on conservative government of OntarioThis definition which includes the making of a request by any means leaves open the question of whether a visibly indigent persona homeless person who looks to be in a destitute desperate state that evokes need and wantwould be considered to be soliciting simply by being present in the wide array of spaces circumscribed by this section status offenceThe detailing actually constructed a regime that is vagueleaving ample room for discretionary and capricious actionand potentially extremely sweeping in its reachThis section represents the reintroduction of repealed vagrancy laws that have a disgraceful history of policing the social status of peopleThe government portrayal of squeegee kids as lazy workshy troublemakers the law that they used to target them nevertheless constructs them as commercial solicitors offering an identifiable service to the publicThe facts were not in issue
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