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Week Four January 31 2012 Homelessness and Community Jeremy Waldron Keywords communitarian public sphere homeless people the law NotesLawsuit Needless to say the lawsuit was unsuccessful the law of people living on the streets was banned in 1995People in the public sphere perceive homeless people as dirty people they take shit outside and dont have a constant jobThe former society where some individuals have no choice but to live all their lives in public that same complementarily cannot prevailThe government says we must provide equally for all citizens but this law doesnt apply to homeless peopleTo be truly public a space must be orderly enough to invite the entry of a large majority of those who come to it A downtown area comes dangerous to pedestrian safety and economic vitality when individuals block the public sidewalks thereby cuasing a steady cycle of decline as residents and tourist go elsewhere to meet shop and dineThe offence and annoyance to ordinary citizens caused by the presence and activities of homeless people in public spaceCounterpoint the question I want to ask is whether the discomfort caused to ordinary pedestrians by the presence and activities of homeless peo
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