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February 28 2012 I dont think it was such an issue back then changing experiences of pregnancy across two generations of women in southeast England Rebekah Fox Kristin Heffernan and Paula Nicolson NotesSuch recommendations can be set in the context of ever increasing Medicalization of motherhood during the twentieth and early twentyfirst centuriesWomen are simultaneously subjected to new and expanding forms of insidious social control th We examine the ways in which experiences of pregnancy have changed over the 20 centuryIn this article we argue that advances in gender equality maternity benefits technological innovation and mass media have meant that pregnancy is now increasingly experienced in the public sphere whereas in twentieth century Britain at least it was previously relegated to the realm of private or domestic lifePregnancy is no longer seen as something to cover up but can now be almost regarded as a fashion accessory for the new generation of celebrity mums pregnant and fashionableWe consider the ways in which these various changes have affected the lives of pregnant women across two generations drawing upon the experience of mothers and daughters from specific cult
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