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SOCB51H3 Lecture Notes - Designer Drug, Standard Raid Levels, Fluoxetine

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Joe Hermer

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SOCB51 – Lecture 3
24th Jan, 2012
Reviews on Last class documentary
- Does are equal money? Is it valuable enough to buy?
- The movie turned into a critique about how art becomes money
- Many of Banksy’s Art work sells for 100s of thousands of dollars
- Mr.Brainwash had no experience in Art and became an artist and sold many of
his work for a large substantial amount of money
What is Art?
- The expression or application of creative skill and imagination, typically in a
visual for such as painting , drawing, or sculpture, producing works to be
appreciated primarily for their beauty
- A norm is a behaviors, attribute, idea or feeling that is widely viewed as being
acceptable ( and often desirable) at a particular time and place
- “feeling norms’ have taken on a particular importance in our present
- A norm has 3 aspects
oan internal
oan external
Georgia O’Keeffe (1921) has produces some of the most stunning art work…she
has a lot of vagina artwork pictures. She was really an extraordinary artists she
was a forerunner in many ways…she produced feminist art.
Public art is constantly contested. It is contested into the way in people are
normalized to see things.

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Many areas spend over a million dollars on graffiti ratification
Graffiti artists belive that their work will connect them with the people
Graffiti is bother an esthetic practice and a criminal activity
Graffiti management plan…… Canada it’s a municipal defense
An art mural has been deliberately implemented and is supposed to beautify a
location. It is a form of graffiti
Millions of dollars are spent on graffiti and it doesn’t go away. It doesn’t work it
spans more graffiti
An affective practice that “does things to the writers bodies ( and the bodies of the
onlookers) as to…the surface of the urban world
Graffiti as image connects bodies
This is counter to the stereotype of graffiti being destructive
“pride , pleasure, and the enjoyment derived from sharing of an activity with
friends as well as the recognition from the writing community.”
Augusto Pinochet
SOCB51 Lecture 4
31st Jan 2012
- Norms exist in social relations
- Norms are relative, contextual and contingent and exist in social relations
- A norm is a behavior, attribute, idea or feeling that is widely viewed as being
acceptable (and often desirable) at a particular time and place.
- The norm of being civilized and polite exists when waiting for the bus
- Internalized norms are extremely mundane and we do it without even knowing
- Civic and attention is a polite way to ignore people

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- Norms are internalize, externalized and specialized
- Internal norms are extremely powerful and we don’t notice them
- Spacialized norms are rules and regulations that we must follow
How shall we govern the poor?
- Vagrancy law was established in
- Vagrancy law is not called criminal law
for the Repression of Vagrancy
1. Wandering scholars seeking alms
2. Shipwrecked seamen
6. Jugglers, tinkers, pedlars and petty chapman
7. Able bodied wandering persons and laborers without means refusing to work fr
current rates of wages
8. Discharged prisoners
9. Wanders pretending losses by fire
10. Egyptians or gypsies
- Historically vagrancy offences have been “crimes of character” or status
- Not what you did but who you are
- Targeted “suspected persons” “sus” offence
- Canada had vagrancy offences against “lose, idle and disorderly” in the first
criminal code in 1892 repealed in 1972.
- They branded vagrants with a V to the forehead or by whipping
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