SOCB51H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Unintended Pregnancy, Fashion Accessory, Misophonia

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16 Apr 2016

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SOC51 Lecture 7 Notes (Feb 29)
Feb 29 slides part 1
Slide 2-3:
Misophonia: hatred of sound. Identified by researchers in 2002. Where to draw the line
between something that is irritating and something that might be a clinical condition that
requires psychiatric (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for example) or medical intervention.
An everyday irritation we put up with that is reconstructed into a medical frame.
Slide 5:
What is an ideal woman? What does it mean to be a real man? Traditional gender norms
notions and ideals of masculinity and femininity. How these two ideals are performed
in terms of their appearance and classing themselves and their bodies. The traditional
polarity between masculinity and femininity is being taken apart and how they’re being
blend into one another under this experience of identity. How is masculinity and
femininity calibrated in relationship to one another? What is the relationship between
those two ideals? How are they working themselves out on how people dress to questions
around sexual identity, sexual practice and violence?
Slide 6:
Women and ideal notions of femininity and their bodies have been subject to
extraordinary surveillance and medicalization. Article: differences between two
generations of women in a community in England and how pregnancy is perceived.
Women’s bodies have been, to some extent, public property and targets of public
regulation. Women constructed as fetal persons or public carriers of fetuses. Example:
people laying hand on pregnant woman’s stomach. Pregnancy fashion modes in popular
culture and it seemed like a fashion accessory. Also idea of women talking charge of their
bodies. Examples of pregnant ladies being regulated of their bodies: relatives giving a lot
of advice, control of eating and drinking, if drinking alcohol outside, people will say
something, ideals of motherhood, etc. Alcohol is widely regulated for pregnant women.
Public Health Bulletin in Atlanta: women who are not on birth control should not drink
because you might get pregnant, you wouldn‘t know it and still drink.
Slide 7:
CDC illustration on slide. Unintended pregnancy from alcohol drinking.
Slide 8-9:
Fury and ridicule generated from this campaign that shamed women. Well-meaning
policy but backtracked about the way they talked about it. B magazine said it treated
women as pre-pregnant. Example of a fetal person. Gender norms. It’s hard to craft a
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