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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jovan Stefanovic

 When Place becomes race  Terminology  White-Settler Society: disposition of the land and its hsitory and follow up on the racial heirarchy, backed up by racial .....  People of african descent were considered to have no soul, americans had half a soul. Hence salvery can be excused and then  There is little discussion about the dislocation of ppl from homes due to slavery or the materliatisc aspect.  They claim god made whites superior and those who deviate form it, face the punishment  Pg. 74....disvowal.......  You never hear about the history of resistance, of those slaves who tried running away....those are the histories that are invisible, or erased from the collective conscious. We never learn abotu those who look like us, we never learn about the idff ways the land was shaped that we live in. People did put up a fight, but this is all hidden in books. b/c we are all trained to think books are facts, who dont quesiton who wrote the book and whats it purpose is.  Development of white settler society  Hinged on specific ideologies  Based on religion, ideas of empty land and beleifs of adequate ways to tend to land. Near extermination of intitials inhabitants Creation of racial hierachy --> where the white colonizers places themselves at the top Cliams to development of the land  Construction of europrean settleers as bearers of civilaation Disavowal to histories of conquest, genocide, slavery and epxloatation Scripting of people of colour as late arrivals Migrants of colour as overrunning the nation Often the y think those who were first there didn't have the tech to advance the nation, hence they try to justify colonization through this. We forget the histories of people of oclour who bulit the infrasture that we enjoy today. Through that construction as a late arrival then thers always an understanding of being an outsider of the boundary. Those who dont fit the ideal shcema of a Canadadian are presumed to be a recent migrant. Pg 1990s there is a third.... There are fears about the validaity of the .......... There is also fear abotu the number of migrants included in particular spaces Fear about the claims being legit Thers an understanding that these bodies require social service, neccessary cpaital, engage in the society that they inhabit. Browining of the nation --> in American (latino migrants)...fears about the majoirty of the nation not being white. The fear abotu white individuals losing power, if they are not the marjoiryt. Fears the migrant
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