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Vanina Sztainbok

SOCB53 Lecture 3 y Big bear clipthe clip is different than usual representations of native Americans the impression that they speak in a different way but it is kind of reversing Why is it strange Where do these ideas come fromhir If someone is going to be speaking like this then it should be natives not white people To look at how the idea of racialized other is construction the white people are strange here y The idea of modernity depends upon an inferiorized other specific terms and construction of racialized other y Idea of human beings of separate race it developed from the time from quest on race is a way of classifying humans majornity history is defined into different periods which corresponds to different forms of thoughts economic thsystem classical agemajornity is late 1400s or 15 centuryage of discovery age is capitalism development of difference in technology emergence of state we r still in modern and some say in the most modern and the way of thinking this is what we r interested in today not just the processes that we r having civilization linked to process ind are source of knowledge and action linked to more liberal ideas knowledge can be obtained thru scientific methods a certain way of knowing in terms of scientist u can observe races by diff physical patterns way of classifying categories that are o
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