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Vanina Sztainbok

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SOCB53 Lecture 3Discourse KnowledgePowery Stuart Hall y Definesy Act of social and human classification performedy Fixing difference y Cultural function of science is to provide the guarantee of absolute difference y Everybody is one y The connection between culture and race y A cross signifies many meanings reading the body is a text characteristics tell us a story and the way we look at this is that we look at it as if we have discoursewe still have discourses what race signifies they have not been done away scientific ones are not as significant he is really interested in who is civilized socialized racial discourse makes us think about these ideas This is sth that informs the way ppls body come to mean today y Imp to link it back to the idea of power discourse is linked to power because its productive more knowledge is created hegemonic more dominant it becomes part of common sense cultural meani
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