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Lecture 5

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Vanina Sztainbok

SOCB53Lecture 5 y Essentialismidea that a person and a group of people is determined by their race and class and it is unchangeable men are better at math the idea of clash of civilizations the values in the Middle East are different than in the west people are just the way they are because of the group they belong to y RomaJipsy its abt cultural differences lazy thieves and dont wanna go to work y In ethnic studies they focus more on ethnic issues and how they are related ie for the romas y Dominant groups can normalize the dominant ethnic group the one that is naturally one groupy In Canada certain group are normalized as one group antiracist might argue that there is multiculturalism which I changing all this but it doesnt really change power poverty and employment y What do you think of the concept of cultural racism y Do you see evidence of it in our society y How racial and ethnic groups are defined through women o 5 ways arebiological reproducers of their ethnic or nation group that identifies as people a campaign where indigenous people were discouraged from reproducing o reproducers when the idea of purity com
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