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Julian Tanner

SOCB55LEC 3 When you are hungry without shelter you are not concerned about self- actualization, instead basic needs are more important Neo-Human relations The kind of relationship that we have Ques: hwo might we apply maslow’s general explanations to workplace Taylor says people are tied down to work only because of money, for motivating emplyee behaviour, where poverty is an issue or employeement is an issue, or places and times where time and money isn’t an issue, those ppl aren’t going to work as well. People’s employeement situation has provided them with security needs and basic needs then they are interested in self-actualization and self-esteem McGregor’s theory X says that it neglects, overlooks the fact that economic rewards However, motivation becomes a particular problematic issue in this issue since it only has a limited capacity to allow employees to acheieve ___. We neeed to replace theory X with theory Y. Theory Y, different sets of assumtion, work isn’t universally dislikes, secondly one best way of motivating employees and thirdly work can be designed and organizaed in such a way to fulfull higher level of motivation, self-esteem and self-actualization Fourth assumption ppl aren’t exposed to and that responsible work behaviour by employees can b created It is clear that for most of us, the work we do is capable of fulfilling our basic needs. First of all, wudnt b the first person to suggest that when we talk abt higher needs, nt always clear what is meant by self-actualization when we refer to workplace Secondly, the maslow’s argument is there are plenty of ppl who choose jobs because they have a huge creative capacity, work that ppl do find fulfilling as creative artist which at the same time doesn’t pay very well, struggling artists, masterpiece that doesn’t sell. So these are the ppl who have self-actualization but basic needs are hardly met Many ppl, when we go to work, we are motivated by more than one factor at work, economic rewards such as the p
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