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Lecture 5

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Emily Fountas

SOCB58: LECTURE 5: FEBRUARY 11, 2011 Midterm 1 section: MC: 20 questions = 1.5 marks 2 section: SA: 5 or 6 questions Bonus question: from SICKO movie o OR question, concept, or article of your choice that is interesting and not on the exam NOT INCLUDED ON MIDTERM: Freeman A Stakeholder Theory INCLUDED: Everything else, remember entrepreneur names and what they did for their country Reading on Body Parts Selling body parts is absolutely immoral and extremely wrong (shouldnt be done or even contemplated) Kant (German bIomedic philosopher) 1. A person is never to be treated as a means to someone elses ends > becomes an object o A human being that has the ability to use reason and has the ability to exert their will, should never be used as an object or a means to an end o What about those that cannot reason? Would it be okay then? e.g. children (infants), disabledmentally illimpaired, animalscreatures, etc. 2. Universalization o we never invent a moral system, we discover the already naturally occurring moral laws 3. Goodwill o cant judge intention unless a person is acting out of goodwill (acting on the good of others a moral duty to others, not self) 4. Intention duty to others without exploiting self
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