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SOCB58 Mar 11 Notes

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SOCB58 March 11, 2011 The Ways of Learning - We all have different talents; can be really low in a certain skill and really high and skilled in something else. - Wanted to look at discrepancies between being really good in one thing, memory fails, attention span. He argues what you have in learning is the neuro-developmental function . - Tries to stay away from labelling. A lot of terms are untested, don’t know it actually exists, could be a lot of different things. - school of experiential learning. - experiential learning is very powerful - talking-head learning is 17% effective. Can be improved If modified with visuals, etc. And retention is increased to 50% with group discussion and communicating taught material to others. 79% of students are able to actually try it out - opportunity to be active, will deeply learn the material and enjoy it. - SCHOOL where kids learn in a very hands-on way. (experiential learning) Attempts to educate children in different learning styles. Auditory, visual, etc. - Integrated education; ex. IB program - critical thinking and problem solving 3 models of education. Philosophies of how education should be Credentialism - Probably where we are. Combination of first and third - What it is: ultimately to maintain status to make sure kids are doing better than their parents? Create a system where scholarships and awards are possible to achieve and certain people receive them. In reality, some privileged schools are made sure to be able to get merits and pass while others are left behind. - Free access to education in elementary, but educational experiences vary by schools. Ex. Cockroach school - Fundraising money for schools for their own community (usually upper middle class). With that allowed to have extracurricular activities, bands, etc. - This system privileges certain classes over others, the way it is structure. - Credentials that one achieves is important but almost more important that they identify with a social network. Democratic citizen - Strengthen and empower the avera
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