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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Emily Fountas

Zuking and Maguire (2004) READ THE ARTICLES* 1. They propose that...consumption as a set of institutional field, you can economic and cultural institution which is structured around 2. Consumption also makes your aware of large-scale social....... 3. As changes in social structure occur, our consumption is also changing 4. Sociological work on reception and consumption, alot of it was done by British researchers 5. These authors say that theres no specific theoretical framework for analysis of consumption Weber thought consumption was something instrumental......its not a social action that has a meaning within itself; consumption is instrumental needed for you to do something else. Its just instrumental and it has no meaning Another founding father, siemml, he wrote an essay called stranger, he did alot of research on cities and urban life, peoples experiences in urban context. He thought consumption, human beings have shared experiences through consumption, its way for us to bond t
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