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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Emily Fountas

The Organization and Production of Culture (Link it back to cultural diamond) Early research and theory in the area 1. Were paying attention to the creators and distributors with the production of culture 2. He was the first person who looked at theorizing culture 3. He said that .........throughput (such as input, throughput and output)...thus this means he means whats happening in the middle of production, because we look at who makes it (input) who consumes it (output) but not throughput 4. He also looked how has a product gotten to the consumers, known as filter. Second Slide Question 1 --> Question 2 ----> might certain characteristics of a products organizations sponsor sustainably aid explain the ultimate aid of the final product? Thus, he saying, maybe its not the product thats good, but rather having a good team of people to market it, make it and etc....everyone. For example: slum dog millionaire was suppose to be a small local money, but someone how it got in the hands of the right ppl, critics of America and etc and it became famous Becker wrote a book, called art worlds, he had a similar argument with hirsh, he said modern industrialization societies, says its all about a network of individuals to block culture from getting to point a to b or speed them through ........... Hirsh talks about how important the mass media is as gatekeepers. There the primary sources of regulators of institutions. Such as, the torontolife magazine. Autonomous gatekeepers: there check points that filter culture. Revisiting the production of culture perspective 5. Paterson and Anaand wanted to go back to hirish theorizes and see what had changed since then
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