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8 May 2012

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The spirit of capitalism
I. A connection between religion and social change, as religions changing society, it
reshapes other institutions, namely, the economy.
1. Early Protestantism, 1530s, 1520s, was made up of many groups because they broke
from Catholic. One particular powerful sect is Calvinism, which creates Capitalism.
2. How? It changes culture values surrounding the way people make money. Calvinism
added something to something to the general inclinations to make money, specifically,
3. Capitalism is new, encouraging the rational and free labor. Free labor is u work
whenever u want, there's no compulsion.
4. Calvinism also encouraged business in unions, hence business started separating
from families, and become more powerful and reinforced in the society.
5. Also encouraged rational book keeping. Business know double-entrance book
keeping: money spend(red)--------money u earn(black). At the end of the year, you
compare to calculate the profits. (business didnt know before) This is a technic, more
logic and system, to help you become more efficient, to better survive.
6. Science became more prevalent. Use of mathematical strategy also became popular
after the advance of Calvinism (dismal system in India)
7. How do you become saved? Calvinism said u achieve those thru business success and
hard work, the more u work. Hence the great sin is being lazy.
8. Calvinism also doesn't spend money on themselves, they live frugally, accumulate
capitals and invest in other areas to make more money.
* Weber regards the develop of capitalism as a negative process, "Iron Cage" There's no
room left for spontaneous spirit creation.
Suspended Expectation: Sane and Insane
1. All about the idea of psychiatric, metal illness, sanity and insanity, etc.
2. The difference between who is sane and insane is not clear (ie. No clear
representatives between them)
3. He cites the core case, the evidence found this person insane, so the defense then did
the examination, turned out he's sane.
4. Routhbenaty says normal behaviors or abnormal dont have universal standards,
because they differ from culture and culture. So she writes a paper on this, claiming you
can't make universal lines.
5. Rousenhan disagrees, he said let's test the hypothesis.
6. How to test? Soudol patience: are people who are normal, the soudols call the
hospitals and say they hear noises. Before the psychiastric do is to check ur family
background and experience, and the soudols give the real infor, and they were admitted.
Then they stopped pretending. The doctors say if u assure us you are sane, then we'll let
you out here. Non of the staff recognized they are normal or not. Ironically, the real
patience can tell they are normal.
7. So, Rousenhan made his result published, and made sure that they can identify the
real patience.
8. Once get labeled, can never get rid of it. The soudols' writings are like crazy. Other
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