Week 6 Lecture Note

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19 Feb 2011
Frank Lloyd Wright one of the most famous architects
His fame probably comes from his architectural design of residential homes and his
ideas about redesigning cities for people
If you see an architect designing a home today with glass and stones, its the
inspiration of Frank Lloyd Wright
He was hugely influential, not only famous designer/architecture of modern housing,
but also had all kinds of ideas of what cities should look like
We will see in a way his urban utopia is to do away with cities
As weve seen, Ebenezer Howards idea was to build new urban settlements at a
distance from cities
Le Corbusier wanted to build high rises, but Wright wanted to build cities in another
Like these other urban utopian thinkers, there are aspects of his ideas and designs
that become central to North America
More than any of the three other utopian thinkers weve looked at so far, its hard to
separate Wrights life and his biography and his work
His life at times is when he reads things like soap opera?
He was born in 1867, the year in which Canada became a country; he was born on a
farm, and his community was in Wisconsin
The images of growing up in rural Wisconsin, images that stayed with him in his
whole life and played a significant role in his designs
He was always preoccupied with idealization of his rural childhood
In the case of Frank Lloyd Wright, there were many cases that were unhappy
At one point when he was a rebellious teenager, his father tried to beat him, so was
close to mother instead
Again, he was not an architect, he didnt go to university, he was a high school drop
When he left high school in 1885, his mother arranged a part time job for him to
assist the member of engineering in University of Wisconsin
At the same time, he enrolled in Engineering in University of Wisconsin and that
lasted a year and never got his degree
As many people did, since he got a chance, what he set out for at that time was a city
in middle of Chicago (emerging as great industrial centre for architecture and
Like Daniel Burnham, he was really good at drawing planets and blueprints
He ended working in architectural company and met Louis Sullivan regarded as
genius in Chicago architecture at the time, and was well-known figure in social
service in Chicago
In essence of Frank Lloyd Wright, he worked with Sullivan
He started as a draftsman and designed more himself
Combined the engineers understanding of technology with the artists
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