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Lecture 6

Week 6 Lecture

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Ann Mullen

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Popularity responses from last week:
For boys:
oOne of the things that came up was attractiveness and having a nice body – something
that varies for different schools or may have changed over time
oMoney – having lunch money, having a car/bike were important
oStraight people were more popular than gay people
oAcademics were important for boys
oTalkative, outgoing, class clown
oHaving older friends, knowledge of popular music
oAthletics, not just about being an athlete but which team youre on
For girls:
oHaving lunch money, having a cell phone (money and SES)
oSexuality – straight, but in some cases lesbians can be popular depending on school or
oDeveloped body, being feminine
oBeing involved in extracurricular activities
oBeing smart in math and science classes
oAthletic was important
oAppearance included body, body weight, how developed you are, sexuality, hair colour
(blonde was popular)
People do/construct gender, by making popular boys/girls
Its not just about creating this world but about reinforcing this world
Not everybody is popular in school, some people dont care at all, they’re just in school
Nonetheless, everybody is aware of the popularity hierarchy
Focus was how children were creating and demonstrating gender between them
How schools create gender Bad boys:
How schools/institutions/policies/rules create black masculinity in the States
Her study was in an elementary school in 5th and 6th grades
Conclusion: daily routines and how the school is set up construct a particular kind of black
Shes looking at how schools create this black masculinity as an opposition that needs punishment
and control
Looked at the place where kids go to get punished – punishing room and jail house
Most who go are black boys, disproportionately
50% of school is black, and 90% who go to punishing room/jail house are black boys
The schools in terms of their rules are constructing student identities
She isolates the punishing room and jail house as main location where this labeling is taking place
Every school has this location (i.e. principals office, a certain room, sent home)
Discussion on different kinds of ways kids can get in trouble: you cant wear hats in classroom,
cant wear hats backwards, you cant be outside your class, cant be in hallway, need to behave a
certain way in classroom/recess/lunch room, need to speak politely and respond, need to focus on
work, cant run in halls, cant speak out …a number of rules
Relationships about power and dominance
How kids are supposed to behave are ways of showing respect and power
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