Week 7 Lecture

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Published on 24 Jun 2011
Continuation of last week’s discussion:
Carl James reading:
Similar kinds of arguments to Fergusons article
How schools navigate and negotiate schooling
He goes beyond Ferguson and talks about the different responses
Variation and how men/boys are responding to this
Boys are being labelled as bad boys and troublemakers
He describes the different ways of responding in schools
One type of students are those who give out, labelled as rebels, not interested in
schools, these are the ones who have the most masculinity and these are the
students who refuse or drop out all together or refuse to engage in school
A second type of students are those who have a distrust and respond in complex
ways, there are some refusal in terms of the school returns, so do not fully engage
Another type of students are innovators: pro-academics, want to do well academically
but oppose the rules and practices of the schools
The way that the intensive rule of schools is part of this process, schools are intent
on monitoring and watching especially the black boys and perceive them as
Its complicated by the racialization of black boys
Sports can mediate this, it takes off some pressure off them, its something that they
enjoy more than doing academics only
There are different ways of challenging and expressing: through dress, mannerism,
behaviour (being late to class)
Kids are always late to class and coming in late, or talking or sleeping or eating in
class, etc. those are not accidental behaviours, these are ways of showing defiance
or some kind of rejection of schooling or challenge
This challenges Ferguson: students who are wearing their hats backward, walking
out of class late/in the middle etc. are ways of showing defiance
Students were very aggressive to the teachers thats a behaviour that expressing a
challenge to the school and dont trust my teacher and dont accept whats
happening in school
Teachers sometimes lack of caring and just focus on the A students and not care the
poor performing students
The large group of students are the ones who accept the values of schools
conformist students, they conform and do what is expected, they dont challenge
There are different kinds of masculinities and different ways of responding
How do students negotiate or navigate the label, how do people respond differently?
(retreatist, innovators)
Monolisa Smile clip:
Takes part in 50s
Q: how are schools constructing the identities of these women/femininity in these
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