SOCC47H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Birds Eye View, Making Money, Alternative Comedy

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30 Dec 2016

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SOCC47 Lecture 5 Notes
Slide 11:
Jazz is improvisational. Example: Howard Becker falling asleep on stage but no one knew because he kept
playing. One person improvises at a time. People need conventions. There has to be conventional ways
to do things so people can collaborate and make art. With no conventions, you have to stop every single
time. But ith oetios, it’s had to ioate. It’s possile to eak oetios ut it’s hard because
you have to retrain people to do stuff in different ways. Sometimes the new ways become successful.
Example: using autotune for a different purpose. Practical effects (used to be cheap but conventions
changed so people need to learn it again, which is expensive) vs digital effects. Conventions help art get
made and also lock art in and keep it from changing at the same time. An attack on conventions can be a
moral attack laiig hat the do is’t at. Coetios pose fo ioatio. Support personnel help
artists accomplish their vision.
Slide 12:
Pia ole i ipo is es, ad. You hae to otiue the oesatio otheise it stops. You a’t
ee sa o eause the ipo does’t ok. Whe ou get stuk i ipo, ou itodue a new thing
into the scene. You a eak oetio ut it does’t look good.
Slide 13:
Every musician has a rider when going on tour. Rider: artist requires things to be in the dressing room by
the tie the sho up. It’s ipotat fo the to get these thigs eause the do’t hae the tie to
look fo these thigs ad eed the just i ase. The’e o the oad. Veues do’t like this eause a lot
of the stuff gets thrown away. In the case that something is not there, the artist is can legally not perform.
The ide a’t eak this oetio.
Slide 14:
No o M&Ms: people ould thik it’s so ut it as to ake sue the pa attetio to detail. If
the do’t, ho ould he tust the ith effets like fie ad fieoks? It’s usafe. Art is a form of
collective action. They have to collaborate for that show to happen. Do they follow conventions? Everyone
has to play their part.
Slide 15:
Shooting on digital vs film more angles, more takes, effective. Stand-up comedy was not art until 1970s.
Pefoae as at ith ho a pefo the jokes i stok the est. No, it’s oe pesoale,
extension of themselves of an artist rise of alternative comedy. Riffifi everyone performing and
coming together changed/impacted their comedy.
Slide 16:
Y-ais: aaeess so ho uh at ou’e aae aout? Bak he ___ as good lie. The do’t
eee the ad sogs, ol the good oes. As ou go ak i histo, thee’s less aaeess of these
bad songs or flops because no one remembers those ones.
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