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Joe Hermer

Collective Behaviour SOCC03 Lecture 3 24 September, 2013 Is revenge porn a collective behaviour? No, it is spontaneous but it is a little but it is not institutional. Definition of Collective Behaviour - Collective behaviour is spontaneous and unstructured, extra institutional and has a fairly large group of people. - Essay top can be a certain context has a high degree of collective behaviour. - How does something that is a collective behaviour slowly become institutionalized. - Another frequent theme is that something starts as collective behaviour, how something becomes institutionalized and then it becomes a social movement - The public is a bunch of individuals that not within physical presence, but a crows is compact, members are in close physical proximity. - Can these be overlapped, you can be part of a crowd (being in a classroom) and then you can be using social media and communicating with individuals which is public. - You can only be part of one crowd but you can be a part of many different publics - In terms of social media, in terms of publics and mass, social media easily contains casual and conventional crowds and often contains acting (signing online petitions) crowd. - Ask yourself how individuals can act collectively that a same physical crowd could and get the same results. Emergent Norm Perspective - It offers a critique of earlier theories - The emergent norm perspective makes the assumption that collectively behaviour is no more irrational of desstuctive or emotional conventional behaviour. States that it is not a mob - Secondly it argues that crowds are far more diverse and heterogenous than one thinks. - Thirdly is does not take for granted and does not violate mainstream norms as much as revise or adapt them to changing, unique or novel circumstances that everyday confuse everyday normative behaviour, You have mainstream, and given an unusual situation, those norms modify and change and create collective behaviour. - The emergent of a new norm, is normatively (sometimes morally) ambiguous situations. The emergent norms is usually seen in wars, when people have to change their way of lives and do things that are totally unexpected and can even be deviant or unlawful. - If there is a baby in the back of a car, and it is a really hot day, and a group of individuals see this and break the window so they can help the baby then this is collective behaviour and emergent norm perspective. Saint Mary’s Sex Chant - There is a hard chance of seeing that there is any collective behaviour in the chant. - They need to look at how institutionalize, how spontaneous and how structured it was - It doesn’t have to be an either or scenario, looking at whether it has a high or low content of collective behaviour. - For essay look at the high and low levels of collective behaviour, instead of whether or not collective behaviour is present Dating Sites - In some sense highly institutionalize, but they can often be used in structured or spontaneous way by individuals. This is one of the grey areas that we are in to What is a Riot? - there is generally two extreme views - the conservative stereotyoe that arrive is a terms that involves large scale uncontrolled disorder and violence. This is a distorted mob view - The violence that went on at the G20 summit in Toronto is a riot. But what went on doesn’t really fit the defini
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